Yeah, it’s our third rebrand in our 10-year existence.

This pace is far more vigorous than we recommend for clients, but the reasoning we use for any rebrand is the same: we want to make sure our brand is as strong as the product we produce.

Mabus Agency has grown and evolved significantly since our last rebrand, and we want visual representation that is as versatile, strong and capable as our staff.

We’re constantly adding new talent, which means our product is ever evolving, always improving. We push past the tired and worn solutions, exploring every option until we arrive at the most appropriate solution.

Our projects are very much like mazes — complex, winding and sometimes frustrating when ideas don’t pan out. But what makes Mabus Agency great is the fact that we don’t let obstructions slow us down. We know there aren’t any true dead ends and that there is always a solution if you’re willing to work for it.

The new brand you see serves a creative purpose and carries a message. Each letter contains a maze, alluding to the complex and layered nature of the work we do. In completing a maze, you must pursue paths that lead you to dead ends — or worse, in circles — but the great reward is in finally finding the correct path to the solution.

There is a certain beauty in relying on your wit and resourcefulness to find a solution. Our new brand embodies the journey of creative discovery — with all its twists and turns, dead ends and new beginnings.

By rebranding, we want to represent our commitment to taking our clients on the creative discovery process with us. To this end, our new brand features the maze of creativity within the bold black-and-white characters, representing our unwavering commitment to creativity and our willingness to do the hard work of brand discovery with our clients.

Television, movies and other works like to perpetuate the myth that clients and agencies are always in conflict. Art might imitate the life of other firms, but not Mabus Agency. We have found we do our best work when we work alongside our clients, like employees in their business, stakeholders in their companies. We want our approach of navigating the maze alongside our clients to be helpful and refreshing.

Mabus Agency is like finding a trail just as you begin to think you’re lost. We are a group of creatives dedicated to bettering our communities through brand, design, storytelling and interactive strategy. We are Mabus Agency.