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Five Products. One Video.

Renasant Bank wanted a comprehensive, live-action ad showcasing its growing product line, as well as a new 30-second TV spot that could replace an older one before it got stale. The bank had grown since its last big video campaign, and it was time to show off all the benefits of being a Renasant account holder.

We needed to showcase the many ways Renasant Bank and its comprehensive line of products and services simplify the lives of business and personal clients alike. And, since accountholders can move seamlessly between Renasant’s online and mobile banking, mobile check deposit, Apple Pay, and equipment financing services, we knew functionality had to be a focal point of the campaign.

With multiple locations, actors, and products to integrate into one commercial, there was no shortage of logistical hurdles we had to overcome. After hashing out our strategy—over quite a few pots of coffee—we were ready to talk locations and casting. We knew the most effective spot would be one that allowed Renasant products to speak for themselves—which meant we would rely solely on visual elements and cues in place of written dialogue and voiceover.

Making It All Come Together

Ultimately, each of these hurdles proved advantageous. The Mabus Agency production team utilized quick camera movements and cuts that not only looked great, but properly advanced the intended message.

The result was a slick video that accurately portrayed the accessibility of each product, and ultimately, was simply fun to watch. Don’t believe us? Give it a watch. The final product not only showcases the breadth of products available to Renasant clients, but it could run in a number of different markets.

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