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Rewards Extra Rom-Com Trailer

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We believe content-driven marketing is a critical component of any client’s repertoire. When the message is entertaining and engaging in a way that lets the impressions drive themselves, then the dream to communicate exponentially becomes real. This style of message is the most difficult to create, but the easiest to distribute. We believe in doing the hard work on the front end.

With fun jabs aimed at genres all moviegoers and tv-viewers will recognize, we shared Renasant Bank’s message of extra rewards checking through a mock infomercial and a movie trailer for a romantic comedy. So much of the content we consume is formulaic, it makes good sense to describe the perks of our client’s new offering through parodies of infomercials and movie trailers, two vehicles so well known, the approach was ideal for the task. Some products are such natural fits, their introduction risks getting lost in the shuffle. That’s when it pays to have their delivery vehicle carry their tale an extra mile on its own.

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