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Medallion Bank


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Medallion Bank’s website presented a unique challenge. The bank focuses on two areas of lending: recreational vehicles and home improvement. The website must serve both recreational dealers and contractors. To serve this purpose, Mabus Agency created a system that serves both areas equally.

A Blended Approach

Not only must the website serve its individual audiences, but it must communicate a holistic company—spefically to investors and potential employees. These areas come together to show the entire bank.

Site Design

Mabus Agency staff was well-prepared with a flexible and powerful brand. A modern and effective website was born from expert use of color, pattern, and style. Every aspect of the Medallion Bank website is built with conversion in mind.

Mobile in Mind

Your bank’s website must work across desktop, mobile and tablets. None of these approaches should come first—but all should be given equal weight. You must create an experience that shines for visitors no matter their preferred platform. Medallion Bank’s website effortlessly embodies each experience and provides powerful functionality on mobile devices.


Medallion Bank’s brand communicates across many media. In order to connect with audiences and power search engine optimization, Mabus Agency created a tool to communicate short statements around Medallion’s brand promises. Each of these cuts to the heart of why you should work with Medallion Bank.

Visit the Website

Click here to visit the Medallion Bank website.