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Medallion Bank


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Medallion Bank came to Mabus Agency with a compelling and unique name. Their logo, however, was difficult to use and did not embody the excellent service the bank provides. The solution was to create a modular system with strong, flexible elements. As you can see above, the standalone logo is stronger, garners more attention and is much more useable. The icon itself combines an affirmative checkmark, blue-ribbon service, and a gold medal performance. This meets with a straightforward, powerful wordmark.

Medallion Bank has the added challenge of its focus on two specific industries: home improvement lending and recreational vehicle lending. Mabus Agency used this logo as the cornerstone for a flexible brand system to serve both lines of business.


Type holds the most space in any brand. We must rely on the written word from websites to brochures. We must create strong systems for this text for legibility, scale, and impact. Mabus Agency blended modern with classic to create a typographic system for Medallion Bank. These fonts work across both lines of business to make the proper impact while balancing sophistication and style.

Color Palette

The key differentiator between lines of business is color. Both sides share the core brand palette, but branch off to give each audience its own flavor. There are few scenarios where Medallion Bank would communicate to both audiences at the same time, so we have the challenge of making a system that works together and apart—while upholding the tone of each line of business. All of this works in balance with an expertly selected group of neutral colors to round out each design.

Home Improvement Patterns

Another area of differentialion is the patterns used for each line of business. Home improvement leans into natural textures found in home-building.

Recreation Pattern

Recreation patterns are drawn from the open road, trails and waters where these vehicles will be used.


Brands come to life in usage. Medallion Bank’s brand shines even on the basic items like stationery and business cards. The unique shapes allow for powerful application that stands out among other banks.

Medallion Bank’s brand works across myriad materials—from digital ads to print ads to brochures.

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Click here to visit the Medallion Bank website.