Last year, Renasant Bank made a commitment to investing in content marketing that would educate, entertain, and inspire customers. The bank’s hard work paid off—financial insights leader BAI named Renasant as one of the top four bank marketing campaigns of 2018

Renasant’s marketing team worked with Mabus Agency to develop a standalone website ( that hosts bank product explainers, how-to videos, web series with high production value, and everything in between.

“Although we still do traditional media, creating our own shows and owning the medium cuts out commercial buying, and it allows us to really focus on a target-rich audience with much less expensive placement,” said John Oxford, director of marketing and senior vice president for Renasant Bank, to BAI. “Over the past 10 months, our shows have pushed more than 10 million views, created many co-marketing opportunities with the influencers, and have set us apart as a marketing content provider that gives value beyond just bank product interruptive marketing.”

The product explainers serve as a great link between and, while the how-to videos, which show clients how to apply for business loans or use HELOCs for home renovations, help Renasant’s existing clients while drawing new clients in through SEO. Finally, each of the different web shows serves as a value-add for existing clients or anyone looking for high-end, quality entertainment. Currently, Renasant Nation offers a trio of exclusive programs: “Building Us,” a home renovation show; “Crafted,” a spotlight on small businesses and entrepreneurs within the bank’s footprint; and “Bootstrappers,” which highlights entrepreneurs and startups with an outdoor lifestyle focus.

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