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Our Biggest Content Project Yet

Renasant Bank asked Mabus Agency to write the definitive book on Renasant Bank. Although there was an older printing of this same book in the archives, it only chronicled the bank’s history up to 1980. Renasant needed us to pick up where the previous author left off and encapsulate the breadth of the bank’s more recent history. As the largest content project we’ve ever undertaken, there were quite a few factors to consider before we agreed to start the project. What we did know is that, without a doubt, it would prove rewarding.

Mabus Agency was tasked with producing a timeless product. This book would sit on the shelves of every Renasant Bank branch for decades to come and rest in the corporate archives as a record of the company’s 114-year history.

Filling in the Blanks

Between the older version of the book that documents Renasant activities into the 1980s, oral histories, and the current realities of the now much more modern bank, we needed to find a consistent tone that told Renasant’s story. It needed to use elements from each distinct era of the company’s history while remaining modern enough to interest present-day and future readers. This spanned from its time as a community startup to today’s distinction as a regional powerhouse.

We had a pretty simple strategy for this book: research, research, research.

Find a Copy Near You

Over the course of six months, Mabus Agency became the definitive source on all things Renasant Bank. Everything started with a dedicated team of writers poring over dozens of annual reports in hopes of capturing every key milestone in the company’s history and detailing them in comprehensive notes. We then conducted a multitude interviews and compiled photographs of the bank’s storied history, which spans generations.

Within 184 pages, we created a solid product that Renasant will be able to lean on for decades. The books were presented to Renasant board members and its outgoing CEO upon his retirement in hopes of documenting their collective efforts to quadruple the size of Renasant Bank during their tenure. These leaders were as thrilled with the finalized anthology as we were. We’re happy to report that around 5,000 copies of The People’s History of Renasant Bank were distributed at branches throughout the Southeast for Renasant clients to enjoy.

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