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A great brand doesn’t depend solely on a single element.

Beyond the logo and color palettes, Texana Bank’s brand toolkit includes typography styles, custom patterns, and a series of photographic treatments that present a strong, unified look across a variety of applications.


The uncluttered brand fonts utilize typography that is simultaneously unique and classic. They subtly stand out and enable brand recognition without requiring the logo or wordmark. Furthermore, the typography reinforces Texana’s promise of a simplified and straightforward way to bank.


These patterns are designed to live cohesively with the photographic and typographic elements within the Texana brand toolkit. They can be used at large or small scales to create dynamic and engaging branded materials.

Photo Treatments

Recoloring images with the Texana Bank color palette is an easy way to make the photography feel more unified with the rest of the brand toolkit.

A Complete Toolkit

A great brand is distinguished and flexible. All of these brand elements combine to make Texana’s brand memorable while allowing it to exist in a variety of media.

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