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When Texana came to Mabus Agency for a rebrand, it was clear the bank also needed a better website solution for its customers. The new brand was confident and bold, with an air of helpfulness and accessibility, so we knew Texana’s site had to reflect that tone as well.

Strength in Simplicity

Instead of re-skinning an old site with a new brand, Mabus Agency built a new web presence from the ground up—improving user experience, aesthetics, security, and search engine optimization while adding the ability to the bank to edit its own content.

Texana exists in mostly rural parts of East Texas, which meant the bold tone and design we created had to translate to the straightforward, down-to-earth clientele the bank serves.

We started by streamlining Texana’s website. The bank had more than 100 pages of financial information—most of which was out of date or irrelevant. All of this worked to hurt a visitors ability to navigate the site and search engines like Google to index the pages.

The streamlined Texana site map made products and relevant information more accessible. Meanwhile, the bold, user-friendly design our team came up with made navigation a breeze.

Today, it’s easier than ever for Texana customers to find and complete an online mortgage application or find the branch that’s closest to them using the site’s locator tool. The site works in perfect tandem with Texana’s mobile banking app, which sports the same smooth look and intuitive user interface.

Second-to-None Security

On the back end, Mabus Agency’s web team utilized third-party security software to create a digital Fort Knox that keeps sensitive Texana client information safe and secure. Secure Sockets Layer technology and 256-bit encryption come standard with Mabus Agency’s server hosting service, meaning Texana was set up with nothing but the best in terms of digital security.

And, we keep these security protocols up to date even after we launch new sites, providing Texana (and the rest of our clients) peace of mind when it comes to their clients’ data.

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Click here to visit the Texana Bank website.

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