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South Atlantic Bank

Advertising Campaign

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Local Means More

Many banks can claim to be local, but only one is completely dedicated to the Carolina Coast: South Atlantic Bank. Mabus Agency utilized animation to share the benefits of a bank whose only home is the coast. South Atlantic Banks knows what it takes to thrive here, and that message comes through with crystal clarity.

Variations in Motion

Each of South Atlantic’s distinct and diverse markets was featured with their own personalized artwork and landing pages. This not only provided visual separation but also directed visitors to the local team ready who is ready to help.

Expanded upon the Foundation

Animation was the foundation for this campaign, but each of the illustrative elements expanded to print and digital applications to engage a variety of audiences. Utilizing strong visuals allows Mabus Agency to create expansive campaigns within very efficient pricing—spreading the message far and wide with strong brand symmetry.

Visit the Website

Click here to visit the South Atlantic Bank website.