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An Extension of Brand Values

We’ve completed thousands of projects during our decade-long working relationship with Renasant Bank. Many advertised and promoted specific products and services, but in 2017, Renasant asked us to develop something much bigger—a campaign that was flexible enough to promote any bank product or service, while remaining aligned with Renasant’s culture and brand ideals. Our success hinged on whether or not members of Renasant’s various audiences would identify with the overall campaign, while recognizing every piece of collateral material as a true extension of the Renasant brand.

More Than Just Lip Service

When it comes to customer service, a lot of banks just talk the talk. There’s nothing inherently wrong with promoting superior customer service, but in a market where competitors all make the same claim, finding an angle that uniquely expressed Renasant’s ideals was a necessity. Renasant’s entire culture is built around ensuring positive client experiences and making an impact within the communities it serves. So, we wanted the new campaign to emphasize that commitment and show how it serves as a driving force behind Renasant’s 100-plus years of banking history. In short, we wanted our messaging to mean something—demonstrating a human understanding of client needs, while promoting the array of products and services Renasant offers.

In 2015, we worked with Renasant to develop the slogan “Understanding You” as a reflection of the bank’s core mission to sincerely understand and serve its clients. We used this slogan as a launching pad, and after hours of collaboration from our brand experts and designers, we eventually landed on the full-fledged campaign that’s in place today. This highly reproducible concept makes it possible for the bank to promote just about anything, while firmly holding to brand ideals that allow Renasant to stand out amongst the competition.

One Template, Endless Possibilities

“We Understand” remains an integral piece of the bank’s brand identity to this day. The campaign continues to be implemented in different mediums across Renasant’s footprint as the bank expands into new markets. Due to the way we structured this campaign, we’re able to offer Renasant branches extreme flexibility when it comes to the size, subject matter, content, and graphical style of advertising and promotional materials—not to mention much shorter turnaround times.

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