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Making it Known

Too often, banks assume that their clients understand foundational banking concepts like mortgages. Although these concepts seem simple to those within the industry, mortgage-related products and services usually go unexplained to those who don’t work in the financial services sector. So, Renasant Bank asked us to create a video to give clients a look into the mortgage lending process.

We wanted a video that comprehensively explained the process of getting a mortgage. It needed to adequately lay out each step of the lending process, and inform viewers what will be expected of them.

Sticking with Simplicity

The rollout for the final product was exclusively digital, so there were no particular time constraints we needed to comply with. We could take our time, but we knew that the longer the video was, the less likely it would be to hold the audience’s attention.

We knew simplicity was the best approach. Everything from the script to the illustration style stripped away potential distractions that could pull viewers away from the messaging. Potential homebuyers needed to walk away with a basic understanding of how mortgages work and the confidence that Renasant could help them get into the house of their dreams—and nothing else.

A Stop on the Road

Today this video is positioned proudly on Renasant’s “Mortgage Loans” landing page. This is the perfect example of strategically produced media playing a meaningful role in the consumer journey. Even during a potential homeowner’s first digital visit to Renasant Bank, the video plays a vital role in building positive relationships before they even meet with a loan officer.

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