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Calling for Client Adoption

Today, mobile check deposit technology is critical in advancing deposit growth for banks of all sizes. Although Renasant Bank integrated mobile check deposit technology into its app in 2014, many clients remained unaware of its benefits more than three years later. So, we developed a campaign to support its continued adoption and shift Renasant client perceptions of the service from novelty to necessity. A significant component of this campaign was email—the ideal way to connect Renasant’s current clients with a motion graphics piece we produced to explain this new technology.

Great Results Through Consistency

We needed to notify current clients of a great tool at their disposal and show them how to use it. By matching the tone of the email and video, we created a compelling narrative that seamlessly melded technical details with a clear presentation of benefits to the client.

The click-through rate for this email was twice that of an average Renasant email. Of course, we owe some credit to the product—a time-saving, convenience-based feature that can significantly impact Renasant clients’ to-do lists—but our focus on consistent messaging across mediums helped propel the campaign to its ultimate, eye-popping success.

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