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Making the Most of Mobile

In today’s world, a strong mobile presence truly differentiates a bank from its competitors. Renasant Bank developed a powerful new mobile app, but its eventual success would rest on clients actively using it. So we developed a campaign to highlight the various features and functionalities the app offered and determined that email contact would provide the engagement opportunity needed to increase app awareness. Knowing the results as we do today, this strategy perfectly laid the foundation necessary to kick off such a vital component of Renasant’s overall marketing mix.

Advertising an Asset

Renasant’s new app wasn’t something to take lightly, so the promotional material we generated needed to demonstrate that attitude. To show off the app, we used screen captures within the email—a strategy that gave recipients a look into what to expect while using the app. The majority of recipients were current Renasant clients, which meant we could focus on function and benefits that would make their banking lives easier rather than pushing the hard sell.

This email served as the Renasant client’s introduction to the mobile app, which we continue to highlight in subsequent campaigns. Today, the Renasant mobile app is used by more than 130,000 clients.

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