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Investing in the Best

Dominic Bozzelli and Ally McDonald are two of professional golf’s most promising competitors. Renasant Bank’s leadership saw potential in both athletes and, given their unique ties to the Southeast, jumped at the opportunity to sponsor them. To most banks, sponsorship begins and ends with a logo on a golf shirt, but we wanted to make Renasant’s support of Bozzelli and McDonald something so much more than that. So, we produced two video spots that highlighted each golfer’s achievements as a representation and extension of the Renasant brand.

Since Dominic and Ally are golfers, not actors, we wanted viewers to be drawn in by their athletic abilities. We pulled no punches with the voiceover dialogue—aligning the pair’s hardworking attitudes with the nose-to-the-grindstone mentality that mirrors Renasant’s 100-plus years of experience in the banking industry. Our approach gave us the opportunity to create two different spots that shared a similar format, but aligned with the events and tournaments Ally and Dominic participated in.

As with most video projects, attention to detail would determine whether we succeeded or failed at meeting the challenge that lay before us. Coordinating schedules, choosing locations, finding the right props—without proper planning and execution, the smallest oversight could have derailed the entire shoot.

Shifting the Frame—Literally

We shot Dominic’s spot at the Auburn University Training Facility. Unfortunately, between the bank’s marketing deadlines and Dominic’s travel schedule, the only time that worked was in the dead of winter. This meant we’d be dealing with two significant issues: dormant grass and plenty of divots from the previous season. However, the shoot went great, and after one of our talented cinematographers put in a few hours’ work in our editing suite, every blade of grass was green and pristine. Plus, a shift to 16:9 changed the look and feel of each shot, taking the focus off any divots that made it into frame.

Ally’s and Dominic’s spots aired during each of their tournaments, and they continue to help bring attention to the Renasant brand on and away from the course. Where some banks might underestimate the power of sponsorship, the right creative can strengthen a brand story far beyond the reach of logos on golf shirts.

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