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Putting Email in the Mix

Email is one of the most effective ways to market to a variety of audience segments. That’s why we developed a comprehensive strategy for Renasant Bank’s email presence and transformed it into a key component of each campaign we develop.

Making the Most of Messaging

Our designers created a template that allows us to maintain visual consistency across all Renasant emails while giving us the freedom to incorporate unique elements into each campaign. Every email we send includes copy created by our writers—original content that helps Renasant emails stand out from the hundreds of messages the bank’s current and potential clients receive each day.

Pushing Purpose Over Products

Less than half of the email campaigns we’ve produced for Renasant have directly promoted bank products and services. We’d rather focus on content and useful information that can better the lives of those who receive it—a mission that sets us apart from the majority of bank marketers out there. From original, episodic programming hosted on Renasant Nation to instructional pieces highlighting Renasant’s automatic savings tools, everything we create shares a singular goal of audience engagement, followed by a detailed audit of success metrics to inform strategy on future campaigns.

Powerful Results With Promising Applications

We’ve sent almost six million emails for Renasant over the last calendar year—user-focused content that has increased brand awareness, directed specific user action, and generated millions of deposit dollars. These successes play an especially important role in developing and refining our ongoing content marketing strategies, which include driving traffic to Renasant’s stand-alone content platform and creating opportunities for bank clients to engage with the news, articles, and programs we post on a regular basis.

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