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Focusing on Benefits

Every financial organization chases deposit growth—especially growth tied to limited-withdrawal savings accounts. We helped Renasant Bank make big strides in this highly competitive marketplace with an email campaign directed at checking clients who didn’t yet have savings accounts.

As a best practice, we try to market benefits to customers who need them rather than churning out product email after product email. Unless you’re unveiling the latest iPhone, that strategy just doesn’t work. So, in this case, we chose to show a variety of reasons to save and introduced Renasant savings accounts as tools to help clients reach their financial goals.

Making the Message Move

After narrowing our focus to three specific, tangible examples, our motion department developed a trio of eye-catching GIFs to further strengthen our messaging.

The month after this campaign hit client inboxes, Renasant saw its largest savings deposit increase in bank history. And—through a single email—we showed how our common-sense application of strategic marketing principles can impact the financial services sector in a big, big way.

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