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Branch Posters 2018



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Focusing on the Full Customer Experience

Even in the age of digital banking, the in-branch experience remains vital to customer satisfaction. So, when Renasant Bank wanted to incorporate brand messaging from its digital platforms into its physical locations, we looked to the past for inspiration—refreshing old Renasant branch poster designs from previous years while introducing original concepts the bank wanted to see promoted across its footprint. We’ve tackled this fun interior design challenge every year since 2013, and each year we find unique ways to transform the look and feel of Renasant’s branches.

Maximizing on an Earned Opportunity

When it comes to in-branch advertisements, the hard work of attracting clients is already done—the people who see them have already made the decision to walk through Renasant’s front door. The posters didn’t need to sell the bank; but, they need to speak to this diverse audience segment in ways that nurture their relationships with the bank while highlighting additional Renasant products and services that can impact clients’ lives.

Pushing New Products and Services

In 2018, Renasant came to us with a new set of must-haves for that year’s poster design, including a new person-to-person payment technology integrated into the Renasant mobile app, a straightforward promotion of the bank’s social media channels, and a few other products they wanted to push.

Adopting a New Approach

Unlike our process in 2017, in which every Mabus designer contributed ideas to the campaign, two of our designers were tasked with the entirety of the 2018 poster refresh. This shift in responsibility allowed for a natural evolution in style by utilizing the shared Renasant-brand experience of our designers while challenging them to push each concept to the next level. The results didn’t disappoint—and culminated in some of our most cohesive and visually striking designs to date.

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