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LCNB National Bank


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Collateral Improvement

Like many banks, LCNB National Bank utilizes several brochures to help guide clients through financial decisions. The trick in creating brochures is tailoring the content to each line of business and remaining on-brand while avoiding homogeny. LCNB’s set of brochures is a shining of example of how this can be done well.

It All Comes Together

Illustration, photography, and copy come together to tell a complete story of each offering. LCNB allowed Mabus Agency to expand its brand, so each line of business has its own color scheme allowing for differentiation while remaining try to the core brand.

Illustrating the Point

LCNB also allowed Mabus Agency to create illustrations and icons for lines of business to provide dynamic visuals with a unique style.

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Click here to visit the LCNB National Bank website.