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Wealth Object Campaign



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Breaking Through the Clutter

One task inherent to advertising is standing out enough to be noticed. Wealth groups struggle to escape the sea of sameness every day. LCNB National Bank’s Wealth division brings a fresh approach and renewed energy to the wealth landscape, so Mabus Agency had to embody this through advertising. The catalyst for this campaign came as a lightning strike idea in a listening session with Mabus Agency and LCNB Wealth: “what if we took the colloquial ‘red tape’ and ran with this idea?” The ad sets that grew from this campaign eschewed the stuffy messaging common in these circles and spoke to other humans as humans—addressing common issues found in moving wealth relationships.

Print Advertisements

We ran out of red tape in 1982. We’re sharp, but we don’t cut corners. You work too hard for the run-around. These core messages anchored this campaign in print publications targeted at clients and centers of influence such as CPAs and attorneys.

Digital Ads

Mabus Agency believes in a multi-faceted advertising approach. Our media staff expanded our efforts with digital display advertising to engage potential clients with one click to a deeper message.

Landing Page

Digital ads should be tied to a landing page that helps the potential customer complete his or her journey to deeper information. These pages should always be congruent with the advertising that catalyzed the visit. These digital destinations allow potential wealth clients to select a path based on their current situation and fulfill their goals as they navigate.

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