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LCNB National Bank

Brand Expansion

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Messaging is the Foundation

LCNB National Bank asked Mabus Agency to refresh and expand its brand without changing the logo. Mabus Agency started with the core messaging and tag line. After many hours of interviews with LNCB staff, a clear common thread emerged: LCNB exists to help clients find their potential and go Further Together.


Mabus Agency believes in expansive and flexible brands. An integral part of any brand is the typography system. Mabus Agency kept it simple with LCNB with only two fonts, but both families have tons of weights and variants.


A key component of a flexible brand is pattern. These add depth and texture to design, and Mabus Agency is one of the best and original proponents of this technique.

Brand at Work

LCNB’s refreshed brand is seen in every component of its materials. These simple, elegant changes breathed new life into a 140-plus-year-old bank.

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