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Grand Savings Bank

Brand Expansion

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Grand Savings Bank came to Mabus Agency with a well-established brand that needed a little updating as the bank prepared to launch a new website and enter the digital marketplace. GSB’s logo had lots of equity in the communities it served, but a brand is much more than a logo. Mabus Agency’s designers focused their efforts on expanding the bank’s current brand so it would have plenty of options for consistent application in its branches, in print, and online. 

Color Palette

GSB’s new color palette adds contrast and dynamism to its bold trademark red. A palette of navy blue and gray complements the red, while a secondary palette of softer blues and neutrals gave the entire palette more usability.

The colors also help separate the commercial and personal banking divisions, assigning the blue colors to commercial products and keeping the reds for personal banking. 


GSB’s body and subhead fonts were chosen first for their legibility and second for their boldness since the brand’s primary color is a deep red. A condensed sans-serif headline font serves as a contrast to the two serif fonts. Finally, a display font that is highly reminiscent of the fonts you might find on paper money offers additional design options. 


Our designers created several custom patterns that echo GSB’s logo and call back to the etchings on currency notes and certificates. In practice, these patterns add depth and texture to GSB’s print and digital pieces. 

Photo Treatments

Sourcing good, unique, large-format photography can be the most difficult part of building and maintaining a website. Using texture, pattern, and gradient treatments, our designers gave Grand Savings Bank a toolkit that will subtly turn almost any photo into a Grand Savings Bank photo. 

A Great Brand Is More Than a Logo

Together, these elements help expand the Grand Savings Bank brand for the digital age while bringing coherency and consistency to all of the bank’s current and future marketing materials. 

Visit the Website

Click here to visit the Grand Savings Bank website.