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01 – Introduction

BayCoast Mortgage wanted to increase its visibility within its footprint. More importantly, its leaders wanted to impress upon area residents that finding the right mortgage goes far beyond the numbers. At Mabus, we share a similar desire to serve and teach clients (and potential clients)—walking alongside them as we explore every facet of the marketplace with intentionality in ways that both educate and empower.

It was a challenge we looked forward to meeting.

02 – Pulling Ahead of the Pack

With a wealth of local and national mortgage lenders competing for business, our approach was twofold: increase BayCoast Mortgage’s top-of-mind recognition with lending prospects while encapsulating what makes the company unique in its approach to lending. 

BayCoast, we determined, was less about selling products and more about building relationships—serving and empowering clients to make decisions only after they had the knowledge to feel comfortable doing so. That’s what separates BayCoast Mortgage from the pack.

The approach has long served BayCoast Mortgage loan officers well as they provide exceptional customer service through local, face-to-face encounters—finding the products and services that are just right for each client. However, our digital ad campaign led us to previously uncharted waters, where we developed a plan for the organization to establish its presence and capture market share within the digital space.

03 – The Essence of Mentorship

Our final concept had to be visually striking to give the newly established brand message a fighting chance in the crowded online mortgage marketplace. 

BayCoast, the mortgage division’s parent bank, had a nice set of primary colors to work with in their brand identity but lacked an illustrative style of its own. We felt strongly about creating custom illustrations using textures and gradients that we could continue to build upon for future campaigns.

This project began with a drawing of a house with a white picket fence, but quickly expanded to include the the stacked books, which helped us truly capture BayCoast’s service of mentorship and the company’s efforts to walk alongside prospects as they explore the home-buying journey.

Instead of distributing ads en masse to all viewers within the company’s service footprint, our media team examined both company and industry data to correctly identify the precise markets in which we’d be able to affect prospect interaction. This refined approach allowed us to boost engagement while maximizing our client’s marketing dollars in the geographic regions in which visibility was paramount.

04 – Ad Interaction

Ad interaction brought prospects to a branded landing page and the opportunity to share basic information regarding their financing search, a short, yet highly effective process that would soon deepen prospects’ relationship with BayCoast Mortgage. Based upon prospect responses, each was placed onto one of three detailed automation paths and presented with highly targeted informational and educational communications based on both stage-of-life and product-specific indications. 

This effort was successful due to our cross-agency skillset—including illustration, design, digital automation and media strategy. It also gave us an opportunity to delve even more deeply into complex email automation journeys. 

It’s a project of which we’re all extraordinarily proud, and the type of out-of-the-box marketing that brings us to the office excited each morning. So, if you’re looking for something different, drop us a line to see how we can help bring your ideas to life.

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