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The American Bankers Association (ABA) has a robust online education platform that bankers at all levels can use to brush up on their regulatory knowledge and pursue bank-specific certifications. Many banks pay for their employees to enroll in this educational program—some even mandating a certain number of completed courses. But employees at non-participating banks, as well as aspiring bankers, had a hard time finding out about the incredible educational opportunity.

Make the Ads Move

So, the ABA marketing staff asked Mabus Agency to develop a series of digital ads that would promote ABA courses to aspiring bankers, new employees, middle managers, and financial specialists alike.

This meant developing one visual style that could work across three distinct, yet similar, narratives. And since the program requires some amount of explanation, we decided that motion graphics was the best medium for the project.

Character-Driven Narratives

Using cutting-edge graphic design and in-depth knowledge we’ve gained from working for and alongside banks, our team was able to develop three characters nearly any bank employee could identify with—each on a different rung of the ladder and looking to advance their careers. We then developed narratives that would see each character enrolling in and completing position-specific coursework before receiving promotion or advancement within their bank.

Through our efforts, bankers across the country saw themselves in these characters and were able to visualize their own rise through the ranks of their respective organizations.

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