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Addicus is a high-concept, multi-family office that manages the finances of high-net-worth clients. To recruit these wealthy clients, Addicus knew a standard brochure wasn’t going to cut it.

The firm needed a highbrow print piece that team members could distribute to new clients—one that would leave an impression and not get lost in the shuffle of paperwork or thrown away.

Addicus also needed a way to describe its services without distilling them down to a la carte tasks. Addicus advisors get the best results for clients when they develop holistic financial plans, but prospective clients always ask for individual services—like tax prep or estate planning—when given the option.

Finally, the firm needed its new-client folders to be customizable for individual clients. Mabus Agency sourced the finest soft-touch cover paper available and worked closely with printers to design a die-cut, pocket-folder cover that would interact with its contents, revealing colors and pages as clients move through the folder’s contents.

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