Mabus Agency has more than a decade of experience marketing banks and financial services companies. We understand that banks are the backbone of the American economy, and know that better banks build better communities.

We’ve helped improve the marketing efforts of institutions as nimble as $150 million in assets to regional banks larger than $10 billion in assets.

We’ve shown our clients tremendous success, and we’re not stopping. Mabus Agency is always committed to growing and improving. It takes great leadership to advance our seasoned team. Our new Division President, Hunter Young, brings practical experience, incredible knowledge and proven results.

Leading our financial services marketing team, Hunter extends our ability to help banks tell their stories, analyze their data and communicate more effectively with their clients.

He has deep bank knowledge with large institutions as well as regional community banks. Hunter led the global and retail web teams at BB&T ($200B+ asset bank) and managed marketing and data teams at First Bank ($5B+ assets), one of the highest performing community banks in the country while he was there.

“I left a great bank to come work at Mabus Agency. This wasn’t happenstance. I recognized a team where I fit – where I could utilize my experience to expand an impact on our nation’s financial companies. Banking needs smarter marketing that evolves with rapidly changing customer preferences. We’ve built the team to deliver just that and it’s thrilling to see the results for our clients.”

Hunter is an expert at analyzing bank data to inform marketing strategy, helping banks to allocate their money where it will yield the greatest return.

“I hate wasted investments,” Hunter said. “I’ve seen too many dollars go to activities that were not properly planned or analyzed. My goal is to help banks navigate marketing decisions and strengthen confidence in every budget decision.”

Combine Hunter’s extensive knowledge of banking systems and financial data with our incredible strategic and creative teams and the results are clear. His expertise is one more piece in Mabus Agency’s robust offering, from strategy and brand to website development and digital delivery to content development and video production, all wrapped up in our knowledge of financial compliance.

Now your bank finally has access to the full-service marketing team you deserve.