Refining the Tools for Growth

Case Study - Grand Savings Bank


The best banks don’t stop at accepting change, they embrace it. Grand Savings Bank knew they needed a new website to embody their approach to banking. Now, Grand Savings Bank shows how Life is Grand through an immersive customer experience built on a framework that can grow and evolve in this ever-changing industry.

Services Included

Brand Expansion

An expanded color palette, eye-catching typography and patterns, and distinctive photo treatments give the GSB brand unprecedented flexibility.

Content Development

GSB’s content adds value for clients and gives its brand a voice.

Website Development

With a sharper, leaner, and more navigable website, GSB’s busiest branch is ready for business.

“The new Grand Savings Bank website was exactly what we needed to take us to the next level. We are thrilled with how it turned out and would most certainly recommend the Mabus Agency for all of your website development needs.”

Natalie Bartholomew
Chief Administrative Officer | VP, Grand Savings Bank

A deeper brand toolkit

There’s nothing like custom. GSB’s new color palette gives more dynamism to its bold trademark red. Its custom animated icon set highlights GSB’s most useful products. We created new patterns that echo GSB’s logo and call back to the etchings on currency notes and certificates. Together, they create a conversation among themselves, bringing coherency and consistently to the brand.

Personal Banking Animated Icons

Hover for interaction

Mortgage Loans

Checking Accounts

Savings Accounts

Investing & Retirement

Digital Tools

Corporate & Commercial

Business Banking Animated Icons

Hover for interaction

Checking Accounts

Insured Cash Sweep

Business Loans

Digital Tools

Cash Management

Commercial Real Estate

A dialed-in website

Before writing the first line of code, our content team audited GSB’s site and product inventory, then worked with bank leadership to formulate a new blueprint that delivers twice the value in half the clicks. Finally, we stocked the site with meaningful, informative content that empowers GSB clients to manage their finances with confidence.

Banking for life

GSB wanted to meet customers where they’re at in life. We created nine life event pages that promote products and tools corresponding to specific situations. This gives GSB clients a starting point to meet their goals, challenges, and circumstances.

An agile mobile experience

By optimizing GSB’s mobile web experience, we brought new depth to the idea of “on-the-go” banking. We fully built out GSB’s new site to excel on the small screen, utilizing responsive states and intuitive navigation to provide a smooth, powerful experience every time. Banking clients can make money moves with confidence knowing they have the power of a GSB branch in their pocket.

Google Insights Score


GSB’s website is methodically structured to receive the optimum preference in Google search, making it highly likely to appear at the top of a search page.

Page Load Time

1.2 seconds

A lightning-fast page load time, GSB’s site loads well under the industry standard, which is a little over 2 seconds. Studies have shown viewers begin to leave sites taking longer than 3 seconds to load.

Value-Added Content

5x more

Five times the content gives GSB’s site depth and value—and it isn’t content for content’s sake. Not only does GSB give its clients the tools they want, but they provide the expertise and guidance their clients need to succeed.

You know what they say: Location location location

When it comes to community banking, location and convenience matter. Finding a physical branch is a high-priority function for any bank website. For GSB customers, it couldn't be easier.

With a deeper, sharper brand toolbox, GSB is ready to meet the future head on. What can we do for you?

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