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We look forward to meeting your team, learning more about Grand Savings Bank and creating a strategy that will be the foundation of a new, cutting-edge website. Before we kick off this project, we know it’s vital for you to meet your team. You now have a dedicated team of creatives working to help advance Grand Savings Bank.

Our Approach

We are a strategy-first company. We begin each new client relationship with an intensive discovery session. While FIs offer similar products and services to one another, there are distinct differences around brand. These differences are usually nuanced but must be understood and embodied within all communications to market your bank effectively.

We work collaboratively with you to understand your needs. Our goal is to understand the “why” behind Grand Savings Bank. Establishing measurable goals allows us to benchmark success and prescribe changes to enhance effectiveness.

Meet Your Team

You will onboard with a dedicated team, but the full staff of Mabus Agency will support this team. Your expanded team includes media placement, video, motion graphics, and digital marketing, as well as access to other teams (should workload demand it). Your team manages other banks and FI service providers—its members are well-versed in banking and undergo routine training around products, regulation, and compliance.

Point of Contact

Communication Overview

  • Standing weekly check-in calls with your Mabus team
  • Monthly web conference around projects, creative collaboration, and budget reconciliation
  • Quarterly strategic check-ins, held in-person at your headquarters

Jenna Trautman

Relationship Manager

  • Deep experience serving agency clients in a variety of highly regulated industries.
  • Proven track-record of managing project activity and communication with client and creative team.
  • Develops realistic timelines and keeps projects on track to meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Jordan Poppelreiter

The Creative Team

Amanda Wilkerson

Corey Childers

Senior Designer

  • Supported growth of a financial institution from $2.6 Billion in Assets to $13+ Billion
  • Incredibly prolific and talented designer
  • Longest tenured Mabus Agency employee

Brennan Kennedy

Lead Team Designer

  • Leads team in brand-setting and visual communication
  • Well-versed in utilizing existing brand elements and creating additional components to increase usability and flexibility of brands
  • Uses skills in typography, layout, and design to build incredible brands

Strategic Leaders

Josh Mabus

President, Chief Creative Officer

  • Worked hand-in-hand with Renasant Bank to boost assets from $2.6 billion to $17+ billion—reinventing how community banks can market through growth
  • More than a decade of bank marketing experience—from small local institutions (sub-$200 million) to regional banks
  • Extensive strategic and creative direction experience
  • Helped transform marketing of 20+ financial institutions

Your Expanded Team

We provide comprehensive solutions without third-party involvement. Here are three in-house groups (outside your dedicated team) that will provide broad-based resources to support your goals.

Media Placement

Our team specializes in finding the right media mix to drive engagement, conversion, and results. Through traditional, digital, geotargeting, social, environmental, and sports marketing—our goal is to find the right combination that drives what matters to you.


We specialize in creating compelling content. This is realized by marrying thoughtful narrative with beautiful imagery. Our video team is led by a director of photography with an MFA in filmmaking and two Emmys under his belt. JB Clark and his content team transform their understanding your institution into the scripts our video department will bring to life.

Motion Graphics

Consumers who understand banking products are much more likely to engage with them—and you. In many cases, the complexities of banking products require an additional boost to help increase understanding. That boost comes from animation. We use motion graphics to help consumers connect the dots around your products and provide deeper understanding. Our motion graphics department uses its experience of working on national brands to help you bring your products and services to life.

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