Mabus Agency Founder and President Josh Mabus talked to Direct Marketing News reporter Jason Compton about crowdsourcing for Compton’s article, “The 9 New Realities of Direct Response Marketing.”

Although Kickstarter styles itself a “crowdfunding” platform and not a pure sales medium, it bears the key hallmarks of direct response. Instead of upselling viewers “for a few dollars more” to pick up a spatula or some extra coat hangers, Kickstarter lets buyers earn extra benefits by funding projects for more than the minimum “purchase” price.

The benefits can be capped at a certain limit, and the entire funding process only lasts a maximum of 60 days. “It’s the purest example of modern direct response, and the structure removes every barrier to the sale,” says Joshua C. Mabus, owner of Mabus Agency. “I see that 89 of 100 backer promos have been sold and I know I have to be fast to get in on the last 11. It’s the ‘limited-time offer’ in a modern, cool way.”

More than two million people funded Kickstarter projects in the first half of 2014. Nearly 70% were first-time Kickstarter users. Disregard Kickstarter’s DR potential at your own peril.

In the article, Compton posits Kickstarter is the new informercial. We agree, and we’re glad to see Kickstarter taking it’s rightful place in direct response marketing. It’s like an infomercial, but it’s cool and no one is getting yelled at. Kickstarter can also be enjoyed any time or day or not, not just between 9 a.m. and noon or 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. on basic cable.

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