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Can marketing grow deposits?

Mabus Agency brought in more than $31 million in deposits for its bank clients over the course of eight weeks between two separate campaigns. Texana Bank’s CD-specific campaign garnered approximately $21.8 million in six weeks, while Renasant Bank’s Rewards Checking campaign generated approximately $10 million over its first two weeks. These deposits can be directly attributed to robust, highly-targeted digital ad buys reinforced with traditional media placement.

How Thinking Inside the Box Increased Deposits

Last year, we helped Renasant Bank come up with a plan to increase wallet share within its existing client base. We tore through all the latest buzz-worthy tech options that might help us drill down, then built social and psychographic profiles to help us zero in on the specific types of clients on which we needed to focus.

“We were all surprised at how quickly we met our goals. The clarity and the quality of the message Mabus Agency created made all the difference. They're a partner in what we do, and we have grown our bank together.”

John Oxford, SVP, Director of Marketing - Renasant Bank

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More Than Just a Deposit Campaign

Mabus Agency Takes a Holistic Approach to Brand Messaging

Minnwest’s Bank brand captures the essence of rural Minnesotan clientele—hard-working small business owners, and community-minded clients who are willing to put in whatever work is necessary to get things done. We jumped at the chance to bring this brand identity, this feeling of empowerment, to a new level and create a multimedia campaign that draws on real-life situations to speak directly to the community. This brand was reflected through digital and traditional ad buys, pushing new clients to open and fund new accounts online, and prompting bankers to engage with new clients and get to know their unique banking needs.

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