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Banking for Everybody

Banking is the financial underpinning of our country. From access to cash to an instantaneous transfer of funds via a card swipe, money is connected through banking.

Money is currency, and much like its root word, “current,” it is meant to flow.

Commerce, transactions, buying, selling, growing, and expanding—money is the fuel in our economic tank, and banking provides the line through which it flows. Money does not have a sex, ethnicity, or color. Money is not even green anymore. It is electrons flowing through wires and airwaves.

And banking manages all of it.

Everyone should have access to this current. No one should ever be barred or feel intimidated

While, in its storied history, banking has been populated by bad actors and misdeeds, the institution itself is agnostic, genderless, and universal.

It is the people who run the institution who serve those people who consume its services. That human-to-human interaction can be where the system falls apart.

We ask you, as fellow citizens of the banking community, to ensure your bank is open to anyone and everyone—that no one feels like they cannot approach your doors with pride, accessibility, and equity.

We ask you make certain that anyone understands banks are against no one and champion Banking for Everybody.

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