Sital Sigh
Client Communications Coordinator

Sital Sigh keeps the Mabus Agency and our clients on the same page. She helps the creative team stay focused and makes sure clients’ wishes are met – all of this with an eye toward overall strategy.

“If I do my job, it allows the creative team to make the best, highest use of their skill sets. With my knowledge of the client, I make sure they’re headed in the right direction on a project. In the end, it’s a pleasure to help deliver brand pieces that are both beautiful and strategically sound.”

In being a client/creative liaison, she keeps the lines of communication clear, allowing for more flexibility and freedom on both ends. Sital comes from a background in politics and is glad to break free of the pressure-release cycle of election campaigning. The long-term nature of brand work, she said, allows ideas to fully mature and find their voice.