Account Executive

Mabus Agency is seeking an engaging, well-organized and caring extrovert to coordinate communications with clients and agency staff. You will be a central communication point on every project. This position is about maintaining relationships more than sales. You must love a challenging and demanding work environment. This position is full of reward but can carry a great deal of stress. You must be able to manage multiple threads of conversation, multifaceted tasks and a plethora of personalities.

Reading minds helps — or at least assessing situations and using lateral thinking to appear as though you are clairvoyant.

This position is for full-time employment at our Tupelo, Mississippi, office.



Oversee external client communications (calls, emails, etc.)

Translate communication to Project Manager and other Mabus personnel

Take detailed notes from client meetings, verify tasks and assignments with client and Mabus staff, and communicate these with Project Manager

Manage conversations without losing detail, momentum, and fidelity

Manage the responsibilities that come with a demanding work environment

Maintain a cool, collected demeanor in almost all circumstances

Care deeply for clients and understand their tasks are part of their individual livelihood



Written and oral communication
Task management
Personal management
Microsoft Office
Adobe Acrobat
Apple OSx
Office equipment (copier, etc.)

Required Education: Associate’s Degree