Common Sense Approach.

Outstanding Results.

Josh Mabus founded Mabus Agency in 2008 with the intention of raising the creative bar in Tupelo, Mississippi, and the Southeast.

The Mabus Agency mission is simple. We retain the best talent Mississippi has to offer, while recruiting across the country with one goal in mind: providing businesses with nationally competitive marketing strategies, brands, websites, videos and print services.

Our nationally recognized work speaks for itself.

Josh Mabus

President, Founder

Josh Mabus is a minimalist by nature, and with the trappings of marketing and design stripped away, his goal is to help people. He does so by immersing himself in each of his clients until he feels like a part of the client’s company. 

We get inspired by our clients—that’s the big difference in this agency. I draw my inspiration internally because the client is the most important thing to me.

Josh has been the creative mind standing between an idea and its potential for as long as he can remember. That’s because of his ability to hear his client’s internal vision in a way that allows him to create a strategy for execution. 

Mary Meghan Mabus

VP Operations /
Media Director

Mary Meghan Mabus believes in creating an environment of mutual admiration that’s both fun and professional. That’s what attracts creativity and talent, in both employees and clients, to Mabus Agency.

It takes a special kind of person to work here — a certain combination of humor, focus, wit and creativity. That personality and skill allows us to work with people who want to work with us and not just the ones who think they need us. They believe in what we do. They believe in our system. They believe in our values.

As the vice president of operations and media director, Mary Meghan spends her time making sure the agency’s creatives stay up to pace with the growth of the business.

Hunter Young

Division President,
Financial Services Marketing

Hunter Young has always pursued the toughest marketing challenges. His career has spanned highly regulated industries like pharmacy and banking, serving clients from the outside and leading marketing and digital departments internally.

“I love where marketing and data have converged. Especially for our financial services clients. There is so much untapped potential to create more meaning and value in our clients’ marketing. Communication has never been so personal and that excites me.”

Leading Mabus Agency’s Financial Services Marketing division in our Raleigh office, Hunter and his team dig deep into transactional and engagement data and craft marketing programs that help companies acquire prospects wisely, deepen relationships, and retain customers.

Kathryn Glaser Elias

Financial Marketing Specialist, Client Communications Coordinator


Kathryn brings a mathematical mind to the marketing world. After building an extensive career in public relations at startup companies, she has a passion for seeing financial strategies make a positive impact on the surrounding community.

“It’s so interesting to see a marketing piece develop and watch the response to it once it’s out in the world. Small things have a big effect if done strategically and consistently. For example, I enjoy getting an online ad for something I actually need. I’m amazed by the research and algorithms behind that sort of marketing.”

As part of Mabus Agency’s Financial Services Marketing division in our Raleigh office, she works with clients to form a strategy that fits into a client’s big picture, not just a short-term goal. She ensures that messaging and branding is consistent to maximize the return on any campaign.

Sital Sigh

Client Communications Coordinator

Sital Sigh keeps the Mabus Agency and our clients on the same page. She helps the creative team stay focused and makes sure clients’ wishes are met – all of this with an eye toward overall strategy.

“If I do my job, it allows the creative team to make the best, highest use of their skill sets. With my knowledge of the client, I make sure they’re headed in the right direction on a project. In the end, it’s a pleasure to help deliver brand pieces that are both beautiful and strategically sound.”

In being a client/creative liaison, she keeps the lines of communication clear, allowing for more flexibility and freedom on both ends. Sital comes from a background in politics and is glad to break free of the pressure-release cycle of election campaigning. The long-term nature of brand work, she said, allows ideas to fully mature and find their voice.

Mike Reynolds

Lead Web Developer

Mike Reynolds enjoys the “wow” reaction he gets from clients when he shows off their new website, so he does his best to stay on the front end of web development.

For the most part, every client I’ve met with has been really excited — I think they see the value of a fresh website. When they get really excited it motivates me and makes me feel like I’m working not only for Mabus, but for each of our clients.

He works hard with the Mabus Agency development team to plan and program websites that lead the way in online design and interactivity. 

Emma Geiger

Lead Graphic Designer

To Emma Geiger, the goal of art is to invoke a feeling in the viewer. Her love of abstract expressionist and surrealist art, combined with her marketing background, allows her to balance that emotion with strategy in a way that communicates the client’s message while eliciting a response. 

I enjoy making something out of nothing. An ad may not seem like a work of art, but creating a simple, well-designed piece can be just as memorable as anything hanging in a gallery.

As a graphic designer, Emma starts with strategy. She knows poor delivery will prevent a message from connecting with viewers and consumers, no matter how good it looks. 

JB Clark

Content Director

As a writer and storyteller, JB Clark believes in the power of words and, more importantly, messaging. Using his seven years of experience in the world of newspapers and magazines, he searches for relevance and context—platforms on which to present messaging.

Everyone has a story to tell. Communicating that story effectively and through the right avenues is the difference between success and misunderstanding.

As content director, JB’s goal is finding the social relevance of a company, product or brand; converting it into conversations among community members, stakeholders and consumers; and then guiding that conversation through various media. 

Aaron Sather

Motion Graphics Director

Aaron joins Mabus Agency from Minnesota, where he began his design career at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and later honed his abilities as a creative for General Mills. He relocated to Mississippi to work at Mabus Agency out of a desire to pursue work that is motion-focused in a creative, collaborative atmosphere.

I like creating work that’s fun and that makes people respond.

As motion graphics director, Aaron specializes in bringing brands and ideas to life with motion in a way that sets them apart in the marketplace. He is passionate about creating client-focused work that is practical.

Selena Nolan

Executive Assistant

Selena Nolan is a professional at keeping the Mabus Agency’s many ducks in a row. A habitual list-maker, Selena takes pride in staying organized and meeting deadlines.

“Coming to a creative firm and working with designers and artists is completely out of my box. It’s been fun learning something totally new. The scope of what we do is so much more than just designing an ad or a commercial.”

Selena’s 16 years of office management experience have come in handy while keeping the office, and especially Josh, on track in regards to scheduling and managing daily tasks. From her vantage point, it is rewarding to see how everyone plays their part in bringing a campaign to life.

Sarah McLaurin

Media Coordinator

Sarah McLaurin uses social media to give clients and outsiders a peek behind the scenes at the Mabus Agency. She also manages Mabus’ portfolio of work on the agency’s website.

“It’s cool to create work that produces a concrete result for a client. You really see the difference you made for them, and that makes you take pride in your work. This was a complete direction change for me, career-wise. I wanted something I could enjoy and put 100 percent into.”

Sarah moved back to Saltillo, her hometown, after years of work in billing and patient relations in the medical field. Now she’s the camera behind the cameras on video sets. In the office, you can find her peeking over the shoulders of the design team, popping in on creative brainstorming sessions, and capturing the magic as Mabus presents a client with a fresh campaign.

Laura Dickey

Administrative Assistant

Laura has her hand in everything around the office, and she’s crucial to keeping Mabus Agency organized. Spot logs, media placement, and spreadsheets are her game.

“What I do is really straightforward. Maybe in itself this stuff doesn’t sound exciting, but they’re things that, in a really concrete way, have to be done. I get a sense of accomplishment out of that.”

A stickler for details and deadlines, Laura is hardly ever sitting down in the office. She constantly moves from department to department following up on tasks and making sure they get done.

Riley Manning


Riley Manning’s background combines the facts-first storytelling of newspaper reporting with open and artful writing honed while pursuing his MFA in creative writing. This unique combination gives his writing an eloquently relatable honesty.

“I think there’s a greater identity to a product beyond simple materialism, and there are human connections to be made from it. That’s what I tend to think of our work here as: finding methods of meaningful connection.”

Using his unique combination of rigid and open writing backgrounds, Riley discovers the facts of your brand and weaves them into a story that resonates deeply within – because to tell a story to the world, you must first believe it yourself.

Austin Hille


Austin Hille has been writing for about as long as he can remember. It’s simply become second-nature for him. And when he started at the Mabus Agency, he applied the knowledge he has picked up along the way to the clients he serves.

Developing a message for a client or campaign is a really intriguing concept to me. Trying to stay concise and telling the entire story at the same time can be a challenge, but a challenge I enjoy.

Austin started as an intern for Mabus. After a summer of working alongside the professionals at the agency, he was hired to continue in helping us raise the creative bar and growing our clients’ businesses.

Jeremy Donaldson


Jeremy has worked on feature films, short films, music videos and commercials since 2004, and also attended University of Memphis and Florida State, where he obtained a master’s degree in film production.

What I enjoy most about the job is Mabus Agency’s passion to grow and constantly improve. It creates an environment that allows me to continually grow as a filmmaker.

Jeremy joins Mabus Agency out of a desire to be a part of a company that values creativity. As cinematographer, Jeremy utilizes his ability to blend creativity with the technical aspects of film production to create a visual world for the stories our clients need to tell.

Bobby Hudspeth

Video Manager

Bobby Hudspeth looks at his work as a series of problems to be solved and tries to organize his tasks and efforts to solve the puzzles most efficiently.

For a Type-A guy, this is a liberating place to be. I’ve spent a good deal of my life around creative friends, and I enjoy the creative process, even if my contribution isn’t necessarily creative. Being a Type-A in a Type-B workplace is always entertaining and inspiring.

Bobby organizes client work, communicates between departments and helps organize production so creatives can spend their time creating. He makes sure each Mabus Agency creative has all the tools and information needed for success.

Jaime Hays

Production Assistant

At home, Jaime doesn’t take off his shoes until he goes to bed because he is always looking for ways to help wherever he can. He brings the same attitude to the Mabus Agency production team.

“The most enjoyable aspect of Mabus Agency is the constant encouragement to work hard and find creative solutions for our clients while having fun in the process.”

As an avid drummer, Jaime has been involved in the music industry for over a decade. The experience gave him the opportunity to explore audio and video production, which has given him the tools to flourish in in a production environment. At Mabus Agency, Jaime ensures that inventory is stocked while assisting with art and set design. He keeps the video department on schedule and running smoothly.

Landers Pannell

Production Assistant

As part of Mabus Agency’s video team, Landers helps out with the myriad aspects of filming, including casting and pre-production—as well as shooting and editing.

You need good copy and good design, but video brings another life to a project. It needs creative input from a whole team of people, because it takes a piece further than you could have gotten it by yourself. I love that aspect of video production.

Documenting life is Landers’ passion, especially character pieces centered around subjects whose existence otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Sharing a story is his goal and what makes him a great asset to Mabus Agency.

Michael Gann

Web Designer

To Michael Gann, the way consumers interact with a product is by far the most important aspect of design. From product packaging to websites, he wants to visualize all of the ways consumers can tangibly use the products he designs.

I remember when I realized web design was much like packaging design because when you get on the Internet you interact with the website and unravel it. A really good website says so much about a company, that they care about what they do so much.

To achieve the high level of interactivity Michael expects from his websites, he spends the greatest part of his time with strategy, thinking out every level of the website before programming.

Joe Cain

Web Designer

Joe Cain spends his time figuring out how the end user will react with his design because that is the nature of the web. Thinking of the end user challenges Joe to not only think about what the website needs to be but also innovate toward what the site could be.

People can look at a website and say it looks better than another, or it functions better, but they can’t always articulate why. I want to know why and I want to figure out how to make my sites look and function better.

To develop better looking and functioning websites, Joe searches websites for things he doesn’t understand, in an effort to broaden his programming capabilities.

Joshua Green

Web Designer

Josh came to web developing after earning his undergraduate degree in graphic design. His design background and keen eye bring a unique twist to his projects as a front end developer with Mabus Agency’s web team.

I love to see how things interact. I don’t like for elements to be static on the page. Even someone with no web background knows when they see a good website because it interacts with them. It’s fun knowing what I want to see happen and then making it happen.  

Coding websites is a labor of love too meticulous for anyone without a true passion for the work. Josh is constantly working to deepen his knowledge of web developing by learning from the rest of the web development team.

Brennan Kennedy

Brand Designer

As a Mabus Agency brand designer, Brennan helps piece together the elements of a brand into a cohesive, consistent identity. He constantly thinks about how graphic design, color palette, and typefaces can be unified in an intentional way. 

Lots of times, design elements can be strong on their own but fragmented as a whole, because they don’t work together. The right pieces in the right places interact with each other, making something boring into something extraordinary, and making your client relatable to everybody.

Brennan favors subtle, subversive brand work over bigger-is-better campaigns. He loves collaborating with other departments, using everyone’s input and vision to construct the perfect brand for Mabus Agency’s clients.

Corey Childers

Graphic Designer

Corey Childers takes the minimalist thinking of the mid-century Saul Bass posters and Batman comic books he admires into his projects. He places importance in typography and layout before moving on to other elements that would cause clutter.

I like the structure offered by graphic design, typography and minimalism, as well as the freedom to break that structure.

To Corey, working within guidelines requires more forethought and creativity, leading to better work. That’s why he thrives in an advertising environment, where he can apply his eye for design to the guidelines set forth by his clients.

Robbie Richardson

Graphic Designer

Robbie Richardson has always been drawn to aesthetics, typography and design which is why he enjoys the opportunity to fill the spaces around him with art through the practical lens of marketing, advertising and commercial design.

Art was always presented to me as more of a hobby or luxury with no bearing on the real world. That is, until I got into graphic design. Everything we use is designed by someone, and I want to make sure that design is full of creativity and imagination.

Robbie immerses himself into the branding of each client he works with so his art is a reflection of the client’s business model and personality.

Taylor Stone

Graphic Designer

Taylor has been paying attention to design her whole life. Even as a child, she didn’t like a product unless its package was visually appealing.

I like the fact that Mabus is making a change in the design scene in Tupelo and in Mississippi, and I’m excited to be a part of it.

Taylor moved from the greater Salt Lake City area to help elevate creativity in our region. She knows even the people who don’t consider themselves aesthetically wired are drawn in by good design, which is why she uses her creativity to help others communicate visually.